1How much money will you fund?

We do not have a pre-determined limit on how much we will fund. We work with you to judge each case on its individual merits, and will typically fund up to ten percent (10%) of what we expect the total award of the case to be.

2How quickly will the funds be made available?

We are able to rapidly assess a case and determine how much funding we will be able to provide, and typically have funds to our clients within 12 to 24 hours+ of the completion of the funding application.

3What happens if (unfortunately) my case does not end in my favor?

We provide funding on a non-recourse basis. And Wilshire Funding is only paid back when the case is settled. If the case does not end in your favor, you will keep the funds.

4What happens if my client requires more funds prior to receiving their proceeds?

We know that each client’s situation is different,
and from time to time they have immediate needs for additional funding. We are always willing to take time to see how we can help and, whenever possible, we will provide additional funding as needed.

5What fees do you charge?

At Wilshire Funding, we promise to keep our rates amongst the lowest in our industry.

6Do you require credit or background checks or my financial information?

No. We do not require a credit check, nor copies of your financials, tax returns, or any documents other than those pertaining directly to your case.

7Is this a loan?

A lawsuit cash advance is not a “loan.” One of the most common misconceptions about lawsuit cash advances, or any type of legal funding, is that the funds are just like a traditional loan. While they may seem similar at first glance, law cash is actually a much safer proposition, since money is only paid back by the plaintiff if they recover damages from their lawsuit. In other words, this type of funding is totally risk-free, since we advance funds only if we think you will find or successfully settle your claim. If your case is lost, or no settlement is offered, you owe us nothing! Another major difference with lawsuit cash advances is that you will never need to make monthly payments or provide verification of a clean credit record or employment history. Your personal credit score is of no importance when considering eligibility for law cash, as our decision is influenced by the overall strength of your claim. In situations where liability is clear, we can advance cash in as little as
24 hours.