As one of the top funding companies in the country, Wilshire Funding’s senior partners share over 80 years of structured finance experience. With the help of our team of seasoned legal analysts and customer care consultants, we consistently deliver the highest rated service in the industry.

Wilshire Funding’s dedication to providing exceptional, stress-free experiences to every client makes us a prominent competitor in our industry. We understand that our clients are burdened by enormous amounts of stress and anxiety as they cope with the fallout of being unable to work—watching unaddressed bills and living expenses accumulate. To ensure that our clients get the assistance and funds they need within 24 hours of reviewing each application, Wilshire Funding assigns every client his or her own dedicated customer service rep to walk them through the process from beginning to end. We want our clients to know that they are not alone—we’re here to help.



Wilshire Funding provides the interim funds our clients need to cover their medical and day-to-day expenses while their lawyers work to settle their cases. The reality is, personal injury cases can take years to settle in court, but Wilshire Funding can provide clients the pre-settlement funds they need on their pending cases while they wait. We do not require background checks or employment verification. If a client’s case is not successful, the money is theirs to keep.

As a result, our pre-settlement group allows plaintiffs to continue litigation without the added pressures of worrying when their cases will settle. Unfortunately, many plaintiffs settle their cases early due to financial burdens. When clients work with Wilshire Funding, they no longer feel compelled to settle as quickly as possible because they now have access to the funds they need. Clients are free to pay their mortgages, rent, medical expenses and recoup lost wages, giving their attorneys the time they need to achieve the best settlements possible.